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Sex Ring? Stranger Than Fiction

What’s the old line? “Truth is stranger than fiction.”

It’s the case with my Curt Savage Mysteries. I’ve just finished SAVAGE FALL the second in the series. Even though I pretty much have tunnel vision when working on a manuscript, I couldn’t avoid the headlines of a sex ring operating under the all-too-willing hand of a billionaire Jeffrey Epstein.

Allegedly, this operation serviced the rich, powerful and titled. A constitutional lawyer, an ex-president and Prince Andrew have all named as having participated in this network. And one of the girls claiming to have been a sex slave and servicing anyone Epstein asked is reporting ready to write her story. Sex slave? In this day and age? Yes. It is going on.

If people think that making prostitution legal will help, they’re naïve or misinformed. In pandering to the basest desires, there’s always a call to recruit someone newer, younger and more innocent to become “the flavor of the week.” And it’s not difficult to weaken someone’s spirit. People do it in business all the time, so why not where the arena of sex is concerned? You just find someone young, perhaps with a troubled past, bring them into your sphere of influence and go to work on pressuring them. It’s what Jane Doe 3 states, and what her boyfriend at the time confirms. I’ll quote a bit from the story posted by the Daily Mail:

“In an interview with The Sun, Mr Figueroa claimed Miss Roberts called him from a mansion suggesting that Epstein was pressuring her into having sex with Andrew.

He said: ‘He (Epstein) was being really pushy. She asked “How do you feel about it?” And I was like “Well obviously you know how I feel about it”.’

The mind boggles from reconciling the facts. After all, billionaires can ostensibly buy anything they want and they choose to engage in this sort of despicable activity? With no regard for anyone or anything other than their own desires? Funny, I’ve always dreamed of acquiring a large amount of money so that I could start an animal shelter and care for unwanted animals, or fund a soup kitchen so food could be shared with the underprivileged, sick or homeless. Or how about creating a battered women’s shelter or devising an afterschool program so children could learn a skill or play and be kept from getting into trouble? These are the types of projects that interest me and these are the ones I think of when I imagine lavishly spending money (that I’ve yet to earn), but evidently, these do not match the goals of those who actually possess the means to  accomplish these sorts of charitable deeds.

Instead, it’s, “Hey, let’s round up some underage teenage girls so we can start a sex ring!” I would have liked to have been there when that subject opened up. Was it around the dinner table? Over smoking a stogie in a gentleman’s club? Or in front of the local high school?

And if this goes on, you know there is something far deeper, far more disturbing at work and waiting to be discovered. This heart of the conspiracy is where the Curt Savage Mysteries delves, and since it is fiction, I can explore all the sordid fantasies that being rich can buy.

Please check out SAVAGE SUMMER. It’s the first book in the series and sets up the explosive action of where this story is set to go. Kapow!





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Savage Summer is on Tour

I’m very excited to announce that SAVAGE SUMMER is on tour. The wonderful Reading Addiction is hosting this virtual tour, and my debut mystery novel is garnering some wonderful reviews. Here’s what some bloggers are saying:

Savage Summer is a quick and fun read. I loved the merry band of characters
in this novel. Curt Savage, although sarcastic at most times,
is witty and great fun. ” — Readalot Book Reviews

“As a start to the series, this is a great story. You really get a great background
on the characters and the plot is great and imaginative. …
I would liken it to The Mentalist. There is the “big crime”
that is the underlying of the story, but there are
smaller crimes that come up
along the way.” — A Life Through Books

“A solid Thriller Novel. The premise is unique, which made me excited
to read it just from the synopsis. This is one of those stories
that will start off with a bang and not let up until the very last page.
It really keeps on a great pace throughout. Ruth Bainbridge has really created
an imaginative thriller that has
plenty of twists and surprises.”  — My Reading Addiction

Ruth Bainbridge has done a great job of stringing the reader along
and leaving them grasping for more. We get a resolution
to the smaller issues while still anticipating more
from these characters and the overall mystery.
I’m definitely excited to see what cases come next
and how Ruth ultimately spins the story.
The Indie Express

I’d love you to follow and learn more about me through some blogs I’ve written. They’ll be upcoming and interspersed between reviews and excerpts at some of the stops.

The complete schedule is posted below and it most definitely not too late to jump on board.

Hope to see you and hear from some of you mystery fans.


VIRTUAL BOOK TOUR – May 12 – June 23
May 12 –  Reading Addiction Blog Tours – Kick Off
May 13- Mythical Books – Guest Post
May 14- Deal Sharing Aunt – Interview
May 15- Always Jo Art– Guest Post
May 16- Readalot – Review
May 17- Clutter Your Kindle – Excerpt
May 19- Avid Book Collector – Excerpt
May 20- Extraordinary Reads – Interview
May 21- The Book Faery Reviews – Guest Post
May 22-Indie Authors You Want Read – Excerpt
May 23 _ Coffee Break – Review
May 24-A Life Through Books – Review
May 26 – My Reading Addiction – Review
May 27 – Andi’s Book Reviews – Interview
May 28 – The Indie Express – Review
May 29 – Texas Book Nook – Review
May 30 – Steamy Side – Excerpt
June 1 – Bound 4 Escape – Review
June 2 – Bilbo’s Book Ends – Review
June 3 – Pure Jonel – Guest Post
June 4 – Books A to Z – Excerpt
June 5 – Lessons from My Reading – Guest Post 
June 6 – Pulp Den – Review 
June 7 – Shooting Stars Reviews – Excerpt
June 8 – Books and Tales – Excerpt
June 9 – Read It Write – Excerpt
June 10 – Corey’s Book Reviews – Excerpt
June 11 – Book Publicity Service – Excerpt
June 12 – 
June 13 – Cajun Book Lover – Excerpt
June 16 – Must Read Faster – Guest Post
June 17 – 
June 19 – Books Direct – Excerpt
June 20 – Shiuli – Review
June 21 – Sun Mountain Reviews – Guest Post
June 22 – 
June 23 – RABT Reviews – Wrap Up

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Welcome to Ruth Bainbridge Mysteries

Born in the idyllic, sleepy town of Ithaca, NY, Ruth Bainbridge has been a lover of mysteries for her entire life.

Ever since a child, she has consumed detective stories at regular intervals, becoming enamored with all the superstars of crime. She loved nothing more than to match wits with the likes of Hercule Poirot, Miss Marple, Thomas Pitt, Lord Peter Wimsey, Richard Jury and Edward X Delaney, becoming inspired by their brilliance. Hoping to emulate her writing idol’s achievements in dreaming up such characters, she started composing her own short stories.

However, life interfered with her plans of becoming the next hopeful to try a life of crime—on paper at least. Devoting herself to her marriage and the raising of four children, the empty nest syndrome gave her the impetus to return to her first love—murder.

Diving in with both feet, Ruth is writing not one, but two novels. Each will introduce a sparkling new detective with a razor sharp mind. The first, SAVAGE SUMMER will introduce Curtis Owen Savage into the world of ink and fury. Savage is engaged and about to be married when the brutal murder of his fiancée sends the world crashing down around him. Depressed, he isolates himself to better deal with the pain, but his beloved Ruthie won’t leave him alone. Haunting him with her presence, he becomes obsessed with finding her killer, and making them pay for taking her away.

With the help of a quirky friend and an old colleague, he takes his first steps, but the poisoning of a next door neighbor’s dog lands him his first case—and into a new profession. Hired as a private detective, he navigates through a complex series of clues to discover why someone attempted to kill the black Pomeranian. In the midst of trying to track down the motive, he receives his first anonymous phone call from a phantom who insists he knows secrets about his fiancée’s death. Dubbing the caller Dr. Shadows, the tidbits scattered become the breadcrumbs that lead Savage down a dark rabbit hole that was never meant to be discovered.

The second is MURDER MOST FOWL. Alex “Trout” Matthews, is a former NYC detective. Retired, he moves to the fictional town of Portsmith, Idaho so he can focus on his one passion—fishing. But as Ruth puts it, “Murder rarely leaves an inquisitive mind alone for long.” He soon finds himself pulled back in the stream of things in MURDER MOST FOWL.

Please be sure to join Ms. Bainbridge’s mailing list to keep updated on these two exciting events. She will also be offering exclusive deals and opportunities such as winning ARC copies of her books.